A dragon fruit cocktail garnished with a dragon fruit slice, surrounded by dragon fruits and alcohol bottles on a marble counter.


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The dragon fruit is an odd, yet fascinating fruit. At first glance, it’s a bit scary looking with its spikes jutting out of it’s skin as if it’s a holdout from prehistoric times. Once cut open, its beautiful white flesh dotted with tiny black seeds is a surprising juxtaposition against its redish-pink exterior.

It’s a popular fruit in parts of Asia, as well as Mexico and Central America where it’s also known as a pitaya. You’ve probably passed them by in markets not knowing what to do with them. Well, next time you see one, buy it and try this cocktail. The fruit itself has a mild, sweet flavor — just enough to balance the botanicals in a good gin.

INGREDIENTS (1 Cocktail)

½ dragon fruit, flesh removed from skin and chopped into small pieces

2 oz gin

1 oz Cointreau

1 slice dragon fruit for garnish



In a shaker, muddle the dragon fruit flesh with the gin and Cointreau. Fill the shaker with ice ⅔ of the way full.

Shake vigorously.

Using a large mesh strainer, pour everything — except the ice cubes — into a martini glass. You’ll want some of the pulp and the black seeds for flavor and presentation.

Garnish with a half slice of dragon fruit. Enjoy!

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