Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.

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Advanced Praise for “GETTING SAUCED”

GETTING SAUCED is one big heaping dish of deliciousness. Reading it was like sitting down to dinner with Karen. You know there’s going to be some crazy story about her family, you know you’re going to laugh, you know at some point she’s going to say something that touches you deep in your soul, and of course, you know you can’t end the night without discussing where you’re going to eat next.

—EMERIL LAGASSE, chef, restaurateur, author, and TV host

GETTING SAUCED is an extremely entertaining account of food television’s explosive coming of age, written from the perspective of one of the era’s key behind-the-scenes players.  And bonus! There’s a tasty recipe at the end of every chapter.

—SARA MOULTON, host “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” on public television

Wow! GETTING SAUCED reminds me how crazy those early days were at Food Network. It’s a wonderful glimpse of where all the magic began as we simply rolled cameras and just were cooks doing what we do. It shows you our lives back then.

—SUSAN FENIGER, James Beard award-winning chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author

If you want to know what it was like to be on the ground floor when Food Network began … stay tuned! Karen Katz was a creator, innovator and culinary magician with Emeril and other FN chefs. GETTING SAUCED is one very satisfying dish.

—MARC SUMMERS, TV host, executive producer, performer

GETTING SAUCED takes readers on an unforgettable culinary adventure, sprinkled with behind-the-scenes tales and seasoned with a dash of love and enthusiasm, making it a must-read for Food Network fans and food lovers too!

—GEORGE DURAN, chef, author, TV Host

What fun it is to go with Karen Katz behind the scenes of the iconic Emeril Live! (And I was there!) Karen, the consummate professional gives the reader a peek into her super strengths as a leader, genius creator, fab collaborator, and exec producer extraordinaire. And by the way, she's a blast as a work partner, road warrior companion, and eating and drinking buddy. And her paella slaps!

—HEIDI DIAMOND, executive, board member, board advisor, Angel Investor

Reading GETTING SAUCED is akin to settling in for a long, G&T-fuelled chitchat with KK in person. I can hear her giggle-laced New York accent describe each TV & travel adventure with glee. And I can literally taste the cocktails & meals she so vividly recollects. From a woman with two kitchens: one dedicated solely to making desserts, this book is a delicious cackle of a journey. I loved it!

—LOUISE ROE, founder & creative director, Sharland England

When Karen Katz joined the Food Network in 1998, she produced shows from a soon-to-be legendary generation of culinary celebrities. In GETTING SAUCED, Karen shares how the network’s earliest hits came to be and set a standard for culinary television for decades. I loved the trip down memory lane, the family stories and the recipes.

—CHRISTINA GRDOVIC, former publisher Food & Wine

Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.
Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.
Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.
Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.
Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.
Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.
Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.
Book cover titled "getting sauced" by karen s. katz, featuring spoons dripping with colorful sauces against a white background.




This book is delicious!

Author Karen S. Katz managed to weave together an eclectic menu of tasty stories from her childhood through her work as Chef Emeril Lagasse’s Executive Producer at the Food Network and beyond. She feeds the soul with her adventures in eating, from the frozen fish sticks she devoured as a young girl to the Michelin star masterpieces, made just for her, by some of the most celebrated chefs in the world.

This book is for anyone who’s ever watched TV, anyone who’s ever eaten a meal, or anyone who just wants to be thoroughly entertained. This book made me hungry!


*A Flavorful, Fast, Yummy And Dishy Read! *

It’s no secret to my friends, colleagues and family that as a TV producer myself I have been a fan of the Food Network since they moved into the Chelsea Market back in the early 2000’s. I also happened to be working there at the same time, for a start up cable channel called Oxygen.

Often times I had wished I could have traded places with the producers who worked just down the hall of this trendy food emporium. Alas, the closest I ever got, was to see them filming sometimes at the various foodie shops (and there were many).

I followed the trajectory of Emeril Lagasse’s on camera performance and program religiously. I was kinda envious this team was able to bang out episode after episode with so much creativity. When I learned about Karen Katz’s book GETTING SAUCED, I could not wait to get my hands on it.

Katz is such a witty, spicy writer with story after story about how she landed this coveted sweet role as Executive Producer of the Food Network’s hottest and most profitable series. I love her behind the scenes dishing as well as her family history growing up as a Jewish girl in NY with a mother who could barely cook. Her story is absolutely hilarious and one I can totally relate to.

But what comes out most strongly is her passion for food which grew out of being immersed in the crazy word of TV food production. Her enthusiasm is palpable and delicious. She writes with words and expressions you can practically taste right off the page. Her book makes me hunger for more foodie TV and wishing I had applied to the “other” network for a job amongst people who love inspiring cooking and appreciate a well cooked meal.

No doubt this will be a book I gift to friends who are foodie fans or who just love to eat. Her recipes at the end of each chapter made my mouth water.

I hope this book gets made into a scripted TV series, it clearly has all the ingredients!


Getting Sauced

Karen Katz tells the story of her time as Emeril’s executive producer, of her history with food, of her idiosyncratic family with such energy and lightness and such an eye and ear for what makes a story come alive I was completely pulled in and read the whole book with a smile on my face. And there are recipes!



I end up watching a lot of cooking/baking shows, and reading Katz's book is much the same experience. You start thinking you'll just stay for one dish, and end up feasting on the whole production! Katz is cheerful, droll, never mean but sometimes wicked. And there are recipes! You'll put down this book starving for more—and just plain starving. You also actually learn things! And it's fun. Read it and eat!


Fun And Fascinating!

As a foodie and fan of the Food Network, I really enjoyed Karen Katz's peek behind the camera. Even the recipes look great. Katz's adventures in food TV are so entertaining, I got hungry just reading about them.


Good For Readers And Eaters

This book satisfies on so many levels. If you like a warm, funny read full of unique characters or if you are looking for behind-the-scenes insights into the reality of food television production or if you just want a few sure-fire palate-pleasing recipes, GETTING SAUCED has it all.

The writer's adventures running the show for one of America’s most famous TV chefs and her personal story as a nice girl from Long Island trying to make it in a tough business is both surprising and inspiring. She tells her story with humor and self-deprecation while never losing her enthusiasm for food and cooking even while trying to solve all of the backstage problems and drama that surround her. If you are a fan of food TV—or if you just like to eat—you'll devour this entertaining memoir.


Saucy, Savory And A Splendid Read!

This insightful book brilliantly brings us behind the scenes to the Food Network pioneers that transformed cooking into entertainment magic and brought vibrant flavors and personalities like Emeril Lagasse into our homes.

Navigating the culinary and entertainment landscapes from the evolution of ingredients and cooking techniques across the country to the iconic “Bam”, the book celebrates the charm of shows like 'Emeril Live' and explores the transformation of food and entertainment television over the years.

With a blend of humor, expertise, and a dash of secret sauce, this book captures the essence of an era in television that left an indelible mark on the world of food entertainment forever. A must-read for foodies, fans of the show, and anyone curious about the journey of cooking and cameras from the turn of the century onwards.


This Book Makes Me Hungry For MORE!!!!

I am a cookbook addict. I collect them. I devour them. (Sometimes I even cook from them…lol!) And, I love to gift them. It’s my thing. What I love about THIS book is…It has it all!!! Page turning, laugh out loud stories and great approachable recipes that I’d actually make! This behind the scenes tale offers eye opening insights into what really happens in the fast paced world of food television as well as an unexpected bonus behind the scenes peak into the author’s highly entertaining, relatable and interesting life. Ms. Katz’ storytelling style is very endearing. You feel like you’re sitting beside a best friend that you just can’t get enough of. A Chicken Soup for the Soul read or should I say “Sauce for the Soul!” So soooo good!


The Joy Of Reading

This memoir was such a fun read with hilarious stories and recipes included! I love how it takes you behind-the-scenes of food TV shows like Emeril. I learned so much about what goes into making food TV that I never knew before. The stories take you all over the world, and are interconnected through memories of food. It really makes you think back on your own life to the ways in which food has played a significant role. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes!


Yum Yum, What Fun!

Getting Sauced is food blogger Karen Katz’ (The Katz Tales on Instagram) homage to food, food television, exotic food travel, and her passionate love of cooking and eating. Woven in here are excerpts from a childhood in which such fare as fish sticks and TV dinners were doled out on a regular weekly schedule (Sunday Night- Chinese!).
Here is one woman’s delightful feast of storytelling that delivers up an eclectic life of eating and cooking in every conceivable context, with stories from a career of wacky adventures working for Emeril Lagasse and other celeb chefs at the Food Network, with all the fixings. As she says, “I’ve lived a good life very much thanks to food.”

If you love to eat and love to read and a good belly laugh, too, you’ll enjoy this memoir from a woman who could have easily been a stand-up comedian, but would rather spend time in her kitchen or at the table. This global gustatory gallup will leave you drooling and laughing and craving another serving each time you pick it up. Each chapter has a single theme and is topped off by a recipe or two. So delish! So much fun!

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